Response 1 – Real Detail – Detail reality

It seems to me that the goal of this essay is to address the role of details in modern architectural context. The author, Axel Prichard-Schmitzberger, also brings up his concept of “satisfization”. Now Prichard-Schmitzberger sees detail as word with an oscillating definition. It has many uses and purposes within the architectural design process. He thinks that maintaining this fluid nature is key to achieving  “satisfization”. Prichard-Schmitzberger defines “satisfization” as the optimum solution. It is unclear to me where this words nomenclature springs from or its purpose when the optimum solution is a very effective phrase.  Prichard-Schmitzberger then progresses into how digitally enhanced fabrication can aid design and detail development. The digital prototype is considered 1:1 so there is no misunderstanding, like when looking at a model of the structure, and a clearer vision of the building can be shared. Previously 1:1 prototypes were litterally full scale. The author cites George Bauer who wrote that Napoleon and Hitler both asked architects working on projects for them to create full scale prototypes. Notable projects such as the Arc de Triumph and several of Speer’s projects. Prichard-Schmitzberger’s case example is the designing, prototyping, and construction of a temporary structure at Coachella.  The project, which was worked on by the author, a colleuge and some students from California State Polytechnic University, allowed Prichard-Schmitzberger to explore his ideas about detailing and how digital fabrication can enhance and develop details and the overall design. The designer, or designers, can understand better the materials, structure, design, and details of the project.


Hannah Morford


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