Tumbling Units

Today’s (September 25 2013) discussion of Tumbling Units by Kentaro Tsubaki was in my opinion good. Many of my classmate contributed interesting thoughts to the discussion. I would have rather we had moved our seats into a circle like shape because I had difficulty hearing some of my classmates. It also would have made it easier to fix their names to their faces and associate their thoughts with them as well. I am afraid that I do not remember who said what. I also do not know everyones name yet. But as to the my main takeaway from the discussion is that we each have a threshold for what is an acceptable change. The essay is concerned with units that are allowed to fall naturally and the resultant is the final form. This final form was displayed in various galleries. The form would likely be disassembled from location to location. So this is where each of our thresholds come in. It is unlikely that each time the form is reassembled it will be assembled exactly as before. So what is the acceptable range for change? For me I’d want it as close as possible so as to be true to the original form. But at the same time the changes could be considered part of the piece. It is an interesting thought.


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