2D to 3D Models

My inspiration for this project was movement. I think through movement often and because of this it is sometimes difficult to communicate to others what I am thinking. When having a conversation with another person, they usually have to be pretty good at charades. So I wanted to incorporate that aspect of my life into this model. First I started with a 2D drawing of movement in 3 directions.WP_20130930_011 I was already thinking in 3D so it was relatively easy for me to create a 3D model out of the drawing. This was the additive model. It is easy to see movement in all directions.WP_20130930_002WP_20130930_003This is the subtractive model, it was created by subtracting spaces in between the bends of the model and layering one sheet of paper on top of the other.WP_20130930_006This last model was neither additive or subtractive. I folded the paper to create the “peaks” of the additive model and the movement on the bottom similar to that of the subtractive model.


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