Tumbling Units

The pages which we read for class were very interesting. The conversation that we had on Wednesday brought up several good questions and it made me think about things
that I not likely would have on my own. The author talked about using the same unit but rotating and positioning them differently to create an interesting structure. We were asked in class if it would matter if the units were moved. This of course, would change the sculpture, but does it change the meaning of it? My answer was that it depends to whom you ask the question. To me, if you rotated a few pieces then it would not change it enough to impact the way in which one experiences the sculpture. This means that there is a “magic number” which determines whether the change is not enough to make a difference, or if it changes the sculpture in a noticeable way. However, if many of the pieces were rotated or relocated then it would change the experience. This is not necessarily a bad thing and perhaps may be the artist’s intention, to let it change with time and location. So it appears that there is not a solid answer to this question and is based on opinion.


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