Matter is but Captured Energy

After reading Matter is but Captured Energy by Keil Moe I had a few thoughts. The first is related to the sections about matter and materials. I liked his view about how all materials are just energy in its present location and how all of the preceding energy that shaped it is still there. In a way it is like a positive and view on entropy and the way it approaches past energy. The second section was interesting but Moe needed to include more cohesive sentences between the sections to tie them together. There was this same problem with the segue between the second section and the final section. I did like what Moe was talking about with the total energy consumption. The approach of build with the total energy consumption over construction, material production, and construction is very interesting and relevant. It is something that needs to be thought about more with modern construction.
This is where I see the connection between the reading and our current project. With our sites we need to be cognizant of the materials and how they are created and how they relate to our projects. For my project I am going to try and find materials that are produced locally and do not require much transport. These materials will hopefully be produced with limited waste or pollution. This idea is something I would like to incorporate into my future projects and work habits. It will be difficult but I know if I try hard I can do it.


One thought on “Matter is but Captured Energy

  1. I think that the points you pointed out are very interesting as well. Also, it is a really good idea to take ideas from your site on what materials to use for your project. I think that would be really neat, and would make your project more close to you, especially since you would like to pursue similar types of products in your future work. One idea that you could possibly consider is also looking at other projects around the same site as you to see what they are made of and maybe taking some inspiration from that to see how the certain materials you are looking into are used and how they function in the country your site is in.

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