Detailing Articulation

In chapter fifteen, the authors talk about a few different topics. One of the topics that I connected with was that digital software allows architects to easily create curves in three dimensions.  However the authors Phillip Anzalone and Stephanie Bayard also state that even if the computer can create certain shapes easily, it may be far less efficient to create them in real life.

My father is an engineer and has often told me “Just because it looks good on paper, doesn’t mean it will work in real life.” I understood what this meant when he said it, but I never understood how true it is until I became a machine operator. Our engineer would often design drawings for us with much too small tolerances, and he never took variables into account. After becoming friends with many of the construction workers repairing buildings in Kent, I find that they have the same complaint. More than once I have heard them say the same thing as my father. However the fact that digital software has advanced dramatically in recent years does help the transition between drawings and the physical world by allowing designers to analyze different aspects of the structures they are creating.

When the authors say that computers enable designers to create curves, this relates to my project due to the fact that the structure is all one continuous curve. The reading also relates to my project because it would require more time and effort to create than a straight structure.


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