Detailing Articulation

One thing I found interesting about the assigned reading was how specifically focused on each detail the designers were when dealing with their projects. They kept changing and re-changing different parts of their projects including the material and shape, to try and get the results they are looking for. I believe this is something that closely relates to my project at the moment. Going through the process of focusing on smaller and more specific details of my light fixture, I have changed the original material I wanted it made out of because I believe it will work better construction wise and also decorative wise. With the authors designs I believe that as they continue to develop new ideas through the fabrication process they’re projects will become even more interesting. Ideas have developed and changed, and this type of design will continue to do so over time. 

I would like to state though that I did have a hard time understanding some of the points that they were trying to make in this reading because of their use of words seemed to run together and their true points and ideas got lost and mixed up within the reading. 


One thought on “Detailing Articulation

  1. I do agree with you, they miss some important points rather than describe it more efficiency. Some project they have on pictures I think they need deep and thoughts on it. However, they have really good introduction for each subject, and like what you said the designers are focused more on their projects.

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