Pedestrian Traffic

This morning from 930am-1030am I went down to Acorn Alley and observed. There were not many people around because it was so early in the morning but I counted that there were 5 people who went through Acorn Alley itself and about 6 that walked past it out on main street. One person that walked through the alley itself was one of the people who worked at off the wagon which opened at 10 am. The others were just pedestrians walking around and they did not stay long. Each person (2 were together, 2 alone) entered at the main street entrance and walked through to the other side of Acorn Alley with two of them that were together stopping to turn to the side where it opens up into more shop areas. The two together looked like students, and the other ones were older. They all arrived at different times throughout this hour, so we can conclude that there is not heavy pedestrian traffic early in the morning. 




Above is a quick diagram showing their movement.  


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