Native Grasses

I looked a at couple different kinds of grasses native to Northeastern Ohio and I there were two that would have been especially nice for the project. One of them was Big Bluestem grass would have worked well for Acorn Alley visually. It has blue/green stalks and leaves and has small purple flowers that can bloom up to three times a year. However, they prefer more sunlight than they would receive in Acorn Alley and they also bend instead of remaining straight.

blue grass

The other native grass that I focused on was Indian grass. It has yellow/gold stalks, green/blue leaves, and rust colored blooms. It is a perennial, has a high drought and saturation tolerance, and does not bend easily which would reduce the amount of maintenance needed. The stalks grow up to be between 3 and 8 feet depending on the amount of sunlight. Indian grass would grow to be about 4 to 6 feet tall in Acorn Alley. This grass also attracts butterflies as a bonus.



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