Composite Tectonics, chapter 25

Composite Tectonics, chapter 25

Composite Tectonics, chapter 25, in this chapter case A shows to me different way to design from different material, which they call it Modernism. A fiber material in this chapter just reminds me of car bumpers, such as UniBodies, and how flexible it can form. In addition, fiber reinforced polymer have the capacity to synthetically subsumed system. Macro Prototype in figure 25.3 is wonderful design, also light weight, make it sufficient, and glass fiber showing how we can develop our design in easier way from one type of material. In my opinion, Micro samples or section both are unique studies, also both can fit together to become on material or shape could create complex project.

Jumping from fibers to this architect building, it tells me how you can develop your small studies to convert it or use it in a building. In case B this building, Chengdu Fluid Core-Yard is thoughtfully work, and I believe it is more structural, but wonderful curve. Turning from horizontally to vertically with connection structure it is organized shape, although, they got dipper to change the volume from A to Z, this is architecture evolution, and I can call that well done movement. This way of design changed my perspective to develop my current project and my future projects too.


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