This course is taught at Kent Statue University’s Kent Campus in the Fall of 2013.  Under the leadership of Professor Matt MacRaild, the students will be introduced to and foster an ease of mobility through various digital design environments utilizing familiar techniques of production (i.e. drawing, modeling, rendering, etc.). Students engage in digital modes of production that will enable the testing of material, spatial, and tectonic performance through scalar prototyping.

Required for all Architectural Studies majors, this course generates an understanding of the many ways in which digital technology is changing the design process through lectures, discussions, and hands-on engagement in the process of making. Students will explore the ways information systems can alter and improve the construction process through iterative design, prototyping, and analysis. Students will investigate new applications for building technologies and allow rapid prototyping and testing of design ideas using appropriate materials and tools. Lectures focus on the connection between digital fabrication and the design process within the context of contemporary architecture, industrial design, and other various mixed media. The course will investigate various theories, methods, and projects through research, discussion (both internal and external), analysis, and hands-on investigation through actual building using a variety of techniques and materials.


This blog will be a hosted representation of both student work and class discussion with the goal of attempting to create a dialogue at a scale larger than the class room, instead engaging those familiar and unfamiliar with the new digital trends and technology used in architectural representation, design, theory, and construction.  Please understand that this blog is meant to be a two way street between students in the class and others who may be interested in similar processes.


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